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Vorbereitung und Erledigung aller bisherigen Distanzaufgaben


Lieber Schülerinnern und Schüler der Klasse 9,
hiermit liste ich Euch die Distanzaufgaben für den Zeitraum März 2021 (8.-12.) auf.
Ihr erledigt bitte:
1) Warming-Up Express yourself
• Book p. 45
o What can you see on these pictures?
o What kind of people are these? What do you think? What do they want to express?
o Write about 8 sentences.
2) Set a timer to one minute. Then write down all the sports you can think of.
3) Book p. 47
• 4 Adventure courses
o A) Look at the leaflet for adventure courses in Australia and the USA and find the English words for:
▪ Wildnis, Fähigkeiten, entwickeln, Erfahrung, Verantwortung, Schlitten
o B) A friend of yours is interested in the courses but doesn’t understand much English. Look at the leaflet and try to answer the questions.
4) Workbook p. 32
• 4 The Adventure Course booking form
o Imagine you want to go one of the courses presented in your textbook on page 47. Complete the form. Use CAPITAL LETTERS.
o Write an email to the organization. Ask them what you need to take with (e.g. torch, camera, special clothing), where you will sleep, how big the group is, meal times etc.
▪ Write about 10-12 sentences.

Bleibt gesund!
M. Obieglo


Lieber Schülerinnern und Schüler der Klasse 9,
hiermit liste ich Euch die Distanzaufgaben für den Zeitraum Februar 2021 (22.-26.) auf.
Ihr erledigt bitte:
Grammatik Wiederholungen
If Satz I (Help: Buch S. 140 11)
1. Complete the conditional sentences I.
a) Moira _________________ (to go) for a walk if it’s sunny tomorrow.
b) If Lilith _________________ (to help) in the garden, her parents will be happy.
c) We _________________ (to stay) in the hotel if it rains in London.
d) If it _________________ (not to be) foggy, you can see the valley.
2. Write endings to these conditional sentences I. Watch the tenses.
a) If I am in London next week, …
b) If Toby has enough money, …
c) My parents won’t go to the opera if …
d) We’ll visit the Statue of Liberty if …
e) You’ll see the whole city if …
3. Fill in the correct forms of the verbs. Use conditional sentences I.
a) Benjamin ___________ (to get) into the rush hour if he ___________ (to leave) now.
b) My grandparents ___________ (to use) the lift if they ___________ (to visit) us.
c) If I ___________ (to go) by train, I ___________ (to let) you know.
d) We ___________ (make) a wish if we ___________ (see) a fountain in Rome.
e) Lara ___________ (not to get) a horse if she ___________ (not to take care) of it.
f) If we ___________ (to help) our neighbour, he ___________ (to give) us money.
g) My grandparents ____________ (to prepare) a picnic if we _____ (to go) for a walk with them.
4. Translate the following sentences into English.
a) Wenn wir auf das Empire State Building gehen, nehmen wir den Aufzug.
b) Wenn wir am Wochenende aufs Land fahren, bekommen wir genug frische Luft.
c) Ihr Vater geht am Wochenende auf ein Konzert, wenn wir mitkommen.
d) Wenn das Restaurant geschlossen hat, essen wir im Hotel.
e) Ich werde ein Foto mit George Clooney machen, wenn wir zu Madame Tussauds gehen.
f) Ich werde morgen spät aufstehen, wenn wir heute Abend weggehen.
If Satz II (Help: Buch S. 140 12)
5. Complete the following sentences. Fill in the correct forms of the verbs.
a) If I ________________ (to have) a farm, I would have many animals.
b) If Lilith lived in London, she ________________ (to miss) all her friends.
c) Jack ________________ (to buy) a horse if he won in the lottery.
d) If it ________________ (not to rain), I would go for a walk in Central Park.
e) My father would have his own lake if he ________________ (live) in the country.
f) If my brother ________________ (not work) in the city, he wouldn’t live there either.
6. Write down the following sentences in the correct order.
a) horse / I / every day / had / I / would / if / one / feed / my
b) rich / was / would not / a villa / if / he / my friend / buy
c) sad / my family / would / in Germany / live / I / be / if / didn’t
d) be / was / film star / if / a / I / famous / I / would
e) be happy / every evening / went out / would / we / my girlfriend / if / for dinner
f) a farm / if / had / I / would / them / a lot / my parents / help
7. Translate the following sentences into English.
a) Wenn meine Eltern reich wären, würde ich viele Städtereisen machen.
b) Wenn ich in Frankreich Brad Pitt treffen würde, würde ich ein Foto mit ihm machen.
c) Wenn unsere Landschaft nicht so hügelig wäre, würde ich öfter joggen gehen.
d) Wenn Städte nicht so schmutzig wären, würden sich Leute dort wohler fühlen.
8. Complete the following sentences.
a) If I were a twin, …
b) My parents would be happy if …
c) If my boyfriend was a police officer, …
d) I would walk over the Tower Bridge if …
e) If my father was a mayor, …
f) My friend would be angry if …
g) If I was good at Latin, …
Bleibt gesund!
M. Obieglo



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