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Dear students of class 10,
you might have noticed that as a result of the covid-19 pandemic the schools are all closed again. Therefore, you will do the English tasks we would normally do at school at home!
For December and January your tasks will be:
1) Read the worksheet Friday for Future. Answer the following questions with full sentences!
• 4 List arguments for (pro) and against (con) going on a strike during school time. (here, keywords are enough)
• 6 Explain in your own words what the Paris Agreement is.
• 8 Why do you think people criticize Greta Thunberg for having been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome?
• 10 Write a short comment in which you explain why you would/would not take part in Fridays for Future protests.
o Short comment = ~5-8 sentences
• 11 Do some research and find out more about Greta Thunberg or another important activist. Present your findings to the class.
o E.g. Lisa Neubauer
▪ Who?
▪ What do they do?
▪ What do they want?
▪ …
These tasks will partially be marked! So do yourself a favor and put some effort into it!
Stay healthy, have a merry Christmas, and enjoy New Year’s Eve.
Best regards
M. Obieglo


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